¿Porque mantener religión en los colegios? 10 motivos buenos.

Hoy pensando en la intención del PSOE a derogar la LOMCE noté que (como siempre con ellos) va juntos a la intención de quitar la religión de los colegios. ¿Hay motivos para mantenerla como asignatura? Pues si, aquí tienes en el periódico ABC 10 motivos fundamentales para que se quede en nuestras aulas.

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Spain’s Homwork strike makes the pages of the BBC.

The Spanish national parents association has called a strike against homework in public schools. Their plea has gained the attention of the BBC. They are calling for parents to stop their children doing homework each weekend during the month of November. Although Spain ranks at number 11 in the world for hours of homework per week it does not convert into academic success, Spain frequently ranks as mediocre in the PISA scores. To have a read of the BBC report click here.

Brexit and our universities.

What does brexit mean for UK universities? For one the dreaded brain-drain, no longer will our universities be filled with the best minds from across Europe. Having Europe’s best in the U.K. means that innovation has flourished, our society has benefited from having our continental friends with us. It has given our universities an international and global focus, a purpose and reason to reach for the stars and strive to aim big in research, now under threat by being confined to the U.K. 

Secondly, our universities are going to suffer financially. No longer will we be able to obtain massive grants from the EU. Our research will not only be confined to the U.K. but it will also be restricted to small scale research. How do we overcome this financial shortfall? Welcome to US style education in the U.K., ASTRONOMICAL university fees.

Read The Guardian’s article about brexit and U.K. universities here.

The Joy of Writing.

The Huffington Post has published an article (Here) about the importance of writing, not just for academic purposes, but for fun. Children in this modern technological age have so many advantages over our generation, yet writing is not one of them. Every year fewer students write for pleasure. Writing for fun promotes creativity and is a source of inspiration. As mentioned in the Huffington Post, students who write for fun obtain higher grades at school, yet parents and educators ignore this key aspect of learning. 

Homework Wars.

With parents currently waging war on homework given to their children, claiming that it impinges on family life, is there another way to teach? Can we as teachers and educators implement a new methodology which allows students to learn, study and advance in their learning without trespassing on family time? 

I am a great believer that nothing should come between a family, that includes homwork. What if l told you that there is a way to reduce homework to a mere 4 minute video which the student watches at home? Welcome to the Flipped Classroom. The concept involves moving the theory from the classroom to the home in the form of videos made by the teacher and then using classroom time to put the theory into practice, what used to be homework.

…and its free. Just a thought!