Catholic education in Scotland, leave it alone!

As those of you who know me are fully aware, l’m Scottish and damn proud of it! However, first and foremost l am a Roman Catholic. I also happen to be a teacher, just not in Scotland!

Born in Glasgow and educated as a Catholic by my father and my mother (who is not a Catholic l may add) l attended one of Scotland’s greatest schools, St Ninian’s High School in Giffnock. 

Note that l said ‘Scotland’s’ greatest and not ‘one of the best Catholic schools’. We are a minority in our own country, with a long yet difficult history of integration. Our schools teach us values, morals and ethics. These may be Catholic but they are universal to those of faith and those of none. Our schools are a success story of an impoverished, marginalized minority who have worked hard to become an important part in society and for society, at the service of others.

Every few years those troglodytes who still wish for a sectarian state attack our Roman Catholic schools, luckily to no avail. Their accusations turn out to be unfounded and unjust. Their accusation that our schools foster sectarianism has been proven over and over again to be untrue (although it usually is their own bigotry and sectarian views which are behind their very own accusations of our schools). 

Now l read this article, after exhausting all avenues of attack against our schools, after every accusation has been rebuffed they now turn to this tactic. Read for yourself what tactic it is, all l have to say is that it reminds me of China and their state control of religious freedom.

We are Roman Catholics, we are proud, united and strong. Leave our schools alone.

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